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I'm trained and experienced professional in many fields. I consider myself a minimalist which afffects how I tend to work and how I like my results to be. You can find me usefull in profesional coaching and personal life-coaching. My coaching is not limited to specific are, everything I'm helping with is holistic whole — that means every topic can easily slip into something else in few sentences.

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As your coach I'm your guide then your teacher. I believe you already have what you need to decide and find your way. In that case I will help you find that way quicker and make you follow it faster.

  • Condfidentiality
  • Your genuine output
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As your mentor I will share my experience and show you some doors. It is up to you which doors you will choose.

  • Leadership
  • Productivity & Time-management
  • Working with feedback
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As your consultant I will design a solution just for you.

  • Team work
  • Cooperation processes
  • Software engineering


I preffer long-term accounts and I rather have fewer long-term clients than jumping from one client to another.



  • Single ad-hoc session
  • No-money back

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  • Meeeting at least once a month
  • Available as continuite plan after finishing coaching package
  • Also available for companies when coaching more clients

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  • Speeches
  • Trainings & Workshops
  • Articles
  • Price upon request

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About me

Down here you can find few details about me. If you need to know more, feel free to send me an email to or call me to +420724443883.

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Experienced IT professional

For long years I was well-known software expert in Python community. Since year 2007 I have worked for Netdvelo (now known as Shopsys) — one of the biggest e-commerce developer in Czech, — national competion which Google recognizes and finally for In the meantime I've worked on several side projects.

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Experienced leader

My leadership started as a summer camp leader — which is unexpectedly complex leadership experience. Since my first job I was in charge of developers whole my engineering career. At top my team counted 30 people.

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Giving to community

For several years I help organising Barcamp Brno. It is an (un)conference — biggest of its kind in Czech Republic, during years there was hundreds of different people speaking and visiting this event. With this activity I help people to gain contacts, knowledge and experience

Check out Barcamp Brno