My Coaching

Don't ask me for things you already have. I can't give them to you. However I can help you find the way to them.

I believe that everyone is compentent enought to live his/her own life. I don't need to judge it nor say what you should do. I need only to lead your way out of your thinking box.

My Mentoring

Sometimes you really don't know hot to continue. In those rare cases I can offer you some of my experiences and different perspectives. I won't tell you what to do. I will only show you how you can look at your situation and what you could try. Decide you need by your own.

I gain my experience in studies and many small or big projects. I gathered number of hacks and techniques to problem solving. Therefore I can offer you tailored advices just for you.

My primary focus is on mentoring leadership, engineering, project management, personal productivity and overall wellbeing

My Contributing

For several years I help with organising Barcamp Brno. It is an (un)conference biggest of its kind in Czech Republic, during years there was hundreds of different people speaking and visiting this event. With this activity I help people to gain contacts, knowledge and experience

My writing

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